Children and Family

Services for children, adolescents, and families

The aim of the services for children, adolescents, and families is to support the internal resources of families and the coping of parents, which ensures that children have a safe environment in which to grow and develop. The services support the wellbeing of families and ensure that individuals who are facing problems receive help as early as possible.
Contacts via Lasten ja nuorten talo (House of children and youth) in Lappeenranta (Kasarmikatu 7, 9 and 11) and in Imatra (Tainionkoskentie 14).

Telephone: 05 352 2360 (Mon–Fri: 8:00–15:00)

Pregnancy, maternity, and child health clinics

Services for families with children offer advisory and support services to emerging issues and challenges of everyday life. The aim of the services for families with children is to detect potential problems at an early stage and to provide high-quality treatment as soon as possible. We particularly focus on prevention and on supporting the families in finding their own resources that enable them to cope with everyday issues.

Maternity and child health clinics, tel. 05 352 8502 (Mon–Fri: 8:00–20:00)

During your appointments, the clinic’s staff will monitor your pregnancy and you can discuss any health and wellbeing issues you have with them.

Child health clinics monitor the growth and development of your child and support the health and wellbeing of your family. Key matters discussed during appointments include the parents’ resources, parenting, and family health advice.


We provide treatment for expecting mothers arriving in labour, pregnant women in need of urgent care, and patients in need of gynaecological emergency care at all hours.
You will need a referral from your maternity and child health clinic for an appointment with a doctor or nurse. No referral is needed if you are in labour.

Please always call the maternity hospital in Lappeenranta before arrival. Tel. 05 352 5262

Emergency services during pregnancy and labour:
on weekdays 8:00 –15:00: 05 352 5430​
outside official opening hours: 05 352 5262

Remember to bring your maternity card and photo ID with you.
The service is subject to a fee. We will send you an invoice for hospital fees afterwards.

​Address: Delivery ward G1 (G wing, bottom floor, entrance via main door), Valto Käkelän katu 1, FI-53130 Lappeenranta